My story, thus far...

I became captivated by music at an early age. I guess primarily because I was the youngest in the family and all of my older siblings were into the great music of the 60,s and early 70's. I grew up listening to the Moody Blues, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Chick Corea, Jimi Hendrix, all the great bands of the era. The first concert I went to was ELP at the RPI Fieldhouse in Troy NY, I was seventeen, that was a show I will never forget. As a child I would play an old pump organ we had in our living room, my first attempt at playing a musical instrument. Later I started messing around with a Hawiian guitar that had belonged to my grandmother that was sitting in the closet. Then my oldest brother Dave came home with a beautiful green Aria diamond ES 335 copy from Japan when he was in the navy during the Veitnam war. I used to play it when the opportunity arose, then one day he asked if I wanted to trade for my Hondo acoustic that I had at the time. I still have that guitar. I have other tools in the shed however, including a Black Strat that I built to the specs of David Gilmour's famous ax, among several others. I've also recently gotten back into the Keyboards with a small synth and 66 key digital piano. I didn't really do a lot of jammin' with other people until my brother Rick moved back home from Manchester VT in the early 80's. The two of us plus Andy Wright formed what we would end up calling our band The Outside Agitators. We would jam as a trio but would be happy to have other musicians sit in too. I would also jam with my nephew Scott and friend Willy Austin. During my time with the Outside Agitators I was introduced to the punk scene and bands like Black Flag, Sex Pistols, Bad Brains, Minor Threat and more of the quintessential punk bands of that time and I gotta say I was hooked. We covered a lot of songs from these bands and when we played parties pretty much blew everyone away. At that time everyone else was covering 80's pop bands so audiences didn't know what to make of us. It was great. Then as happens when we mellow out, we went our separate ways for about fifteen years when I was with my first wife and step-daughter who is herself, a talented singer. Then after we separated the band got back together in 2002 with a new guitarist Conrad Pederson and recorded some new spontaneous material which I think is pretty cool. You can find this as well as earlier original music on the Outside Agitators website . After we wrapped up those sessions I re-married and moved to western Massachusetts. where I'm producing solo projects as well as jammin' with Rick and  friends Dennis and Ryse. I'm hoping to do some new sessions with Andy and Conrad soon( or anyone else that wants to jam ) and get some new inspirations from that. Music has always filled a big void in my life and keeping it going keeps me goin'. So keep enjoying music where-ever you are and as John Lodge from the Moody Blues puts it, " Keep the Faith" .


Song Credits;

                              Breaking Point; All Instruments - Brian Skiff

                          Over the edge; Guitar, Bass, Vocals - Brian Skiff

                                               Drums; Rick Skiff

Downward Slide (into Madness); Guitars, Bass, Keys - Brian

Drums; Rick

Back Around; All Instruments - Brian

Back to School; All Instruments - Brian

Terra Maternal; All Instruments - Brian

Upward Slide ( to Sanity); Guitars, Bass, Keys - Brian

Drums; Rick

                    March Jam; Lead Guitar and vocals - Ryse,

                                        Bass - Brian,

                                        Rhythm guitar - Dennis,

                                        Drums - Rick

                     Led astray Zepplin; Lead Guitar and vocals - Ryse,

                                                     Bass - Dennis,

                                                     Drums - Brian

                     March Jazz Improv; Lead Guitar and vocals - Ryse,

                                                      Bass - Rick,

                                                      Rhythm guitar - Dennis,

                                                      Drums - Brian

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